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Is Therapy For Me?

Psychotherapy (sometimes called talk therapy) refers to a variety of treatments that aim to help a person identify and change troubling emotions, thoughts, and behaviors. Through your relationship with your therapist, you’ll work to identify and understand how these stressors are impacting your life, plus develop strategies to manage or eliminate the symptoms. 

No matter how dysfunctional, confusing, or messy you feel your story is, I work with my client(s) to figure out what works for them.

Individual Therapy

  • You want to break unhealthy cycles that are keeping you from progressing the way want

  • You want to create your own code/ standard to live by 

  • You’re struggling with creating a legal lifestyle

  • You are expecting and would like to be more prepared

  • You are wondering why you life is not progressing how you would like 

  • You are stressed and need help figuring out what’s next

  • You are done letting life pass you by while you remain at a standstill

  • You would like to increase your knowledge of self before getting into another relationship

  • You need someone to talk through things without others finding out your business

  • You want to heal from a painful breakup so that you can be fully present in your life

  • You want to create healthy boundaries with self & others 

  • You need help healing from past traumas that are negatively impacting your life

  • You want to break unhealthy generational cycles of parenting and not sure where to start


Other Ways Individual Therapy can improve your life: 

Free your mind                          

Set Goals

 Develop Coping Skills

Improve Relationship w/ Self

Gain conflict resolution skills

Improve Relationship with Others

 Have more mental clarity

Learn how to make healthier choices

Empower you to develop fresh insights about your life

Understand your triggers and how to handle them

Emotional support                               

Build confidence         

Increased self-awareness

Treat mental health issues                  

Improve communication skills      

Help you feel empowered 

Altering negative behaviors  

Increase your emotional intelligence

Learn self-care and self-regulation

Changing negative & limiting beliefs & thought 


Couple's Therapy

You and your partner. . . 

  • want to build a foundation for your relationship

  • want help navigating big changes coming 

  • need help preparing for a new baby

  • want to learn conflict resolution strategies  

  • need help figuring out why there's been constant arguing

  • want to address dysfunctional behavior patterns

  • have different styles of parenting and would like to get on the same page

  • You or your partner feel unsupported and emotionally dismissed or has difficulty with opening up emotionally

  • You feel there's unequal decision making and/or different views of the roles and responsibilities within the relationship

  • Difficult childhood upbringings that have emotionally wounded partners and make it difficult to trust your partner or stay engaged when conflict arises

Other ways couple's therapy can improve your life:

Build a healthier relationship

Clarify your feelings about the relationship

Understand your partner's attachment style

Deepen intimacy & connection

Increasing shared support & empathy

Understand your partner's perspective

Co-Parenting Therapy 


  • You and your child’s parent or guardian would like help creating a safe and healthy co-parenting environment for your child(ren) to flourish.

  • You and your child’s parent or guardian would like help discussion a difficult topic concerning the child(ren). 

  • You and your child’s parent or guardian want to learn healthy communication skills

  • You and your child’s parent or guardian would like help creating a parenting plan


Group Therapy


  • You want to work on how you relate to others

  • You want to get to know people dealing with similar situations

  • You want social support and a sense of community

  • You want to be more motivated to change

  • You're looking for an option less expensive than individual therapy, or to supplement your individual therapy.

  • You're main goal is to build relationships

Other ways Groups can help improve your life:

Groups offer a sounding board

​Learn from the experiences of others and to see that you are not alone in your struggles.

Can provide a safe and supportive space for individuals to practice new behaviors and communication skills.

I am here to provide the support and guidance needed to make that a reality. Contact me today for your 15 minute consultation. 

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